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What We Do


Cosmic Constructions specialise in ecologically sustainable building & design.


We are driven by a fascination of materials & construction; researching & experimenting with traditional building materials & techniques such as clay, lime & wood, as well as new sustainable products on the market that offer alternatives to concrete & plastics. 

In addition to this we work in partnership with major cultural institutes to repurpose materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. 

We believe natural materials improve our wellbeing and connect us to the land around us.

All our projects are underpinned by a consideration of site, space & people; we are conscious of the neuancises of light, temperature, location and individual ways of being in space. How our clients feel is always at the centre of the design process.

Our work is informed by the natural world and the relationships between materials, people, space & time. We use the lunar calendar in all elements of project management, from conception to harvest, to ensure fulfilling, ethical working environments & results. 



Who we are:

Isabel: Originally studying sculpture at Chelsea School of Art & Design, Isabel has worked for over 10 years in Art Handling and as Principal Technician for Tate Gallery.  They are a highly skilled maker, working with materials ranging from wood, metal & concrete to textiles. Isabel is an excellent problem solver with a practical & pragmatic mind. In addition to construction Isabel is a keen forager. You can find examples of their latest nourishing concoctions at Full Moon Productions.

Bean: Originally studying performance at Dartington College of Art, Bean has since managed artist studios & workspaces, including the design & build of studios, galleries and artists installation works. They are currently enrolled at 'The Natural School of Building', whilst continuing practice-led research into sustainable materials and traditional building techniques such as straw bale, lime, clay and wool.  Bean is an intuitive spacial designer with an acute sensitivity to the emotional & physical affect of building design. You can follow Bean's research & experiments via their personal instagram.

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