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Mother House Studios

In summer 2021 we were commissioned by Mother House Studios to design & build the children's area. 


Opening in October 2021 this new studio complex in Catford, London is the first & only professional artist studio complex with integrated childcare. 

Working in a bare warehouse space, with minimal natural light we created a warm, engaging space, full of natural materials to bring the outside in.

The furnishings included;

  • multi-level platforms fabricated from pallets

  • flooring reclaimed from the Tate's turbine hall summer exhibition

  • branches, wood & logs gathered in partnership with local forestry land care

  • art handling shipping cases used to create stud-walls 

  • fabric screens dyed using foraged plants

  • seats fabricated from oil drums & reclaimed foam

  • bookcases & storage build from art handling shipping cases

  • multi-sensory grow spaces 

  • moss wall panels 

A key element of the design was making a malleable space that gave agency to the children that would use it. As such many elements include fixtures & fittings that can change to move items around and transform the space. 

Hooks, carabiners & rope are hidden throughout and on the branches that form the central den.  

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